Saturday, March 17, 2007

Time to Learn RSS

This one has been hard for me. I still do not think I understand feeds and how they work. I keep wanting to think of them as links... I did set up an account on bloglines and selected some areas of interest...I think that I will receive some regular information updates in the information areas I selected. If anyone can clarify this concept for me in different language I am open to learning .

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Amanda Lunn said...

This is one of the hardest weeks to do, so I'm not surprised that you're a little confused. It can be very confusing!

It sounds like you've got the basic concept down. It's okay to think of them as links, because that's usually what you're adding to your RSS aggregator (Bloglines) in order to get the updates.

To give you a few examples...I have added all of the Learning 2.0 participants' blogs to my Bloglines account. Whenever any of you add something to your blog, I am alerted to that through my Bloglines account.

Another example: Our new ILS system, Polaris, is supposed to have RSS capability. So, assuming that everything is set up correctly, our patrons would be able to add RSS feeds from our catalog to their RSS aggregator. For example, they might want to be alerted whenever we have any new Mystery novels. If they add our feed they can receive those updates.

Does that help?