Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My 2.0 Closing Thoughts ...

  • I learned how much I enjoy photography and graphic design. I especially enjoyed creating my own graphics during this learning experience. I learned about how to use Bubble Share and started up my own graphic share album that I want to maintain and share with a network of friends. Flickr, MySpace, and beginning my first PB wiki were fun and gave me another place to create and share with a larger group of friends and family.
  • The most wonderful outcome of this experience was that I shared it with my daughter and extended family. They were so receptive and interested. I think this exploring will become a continued experience for me because of the positive feedback that I have received.
  • I did not realize that many of the resources overlap and can be used in complimentary ways... I found out that I am a "label junkie" of sorts. I like all the cool colorful labels that I added to my blog and they actually link to real resources. I admit that I got carried away and will probably revise my blog but first I will learn awhile from this creation.
  • Because we are so busy it was difficult to find time to invest in this learning process. I did but it was not realistic to do it at work. I think that it would be easier to complete if we started with 5 lessons to learn over a period of 10 weeks. I think the kick-off party was great as is the wrap party.
  • Yes I will participate in future learning experiences. This has been fun and I have learned so much. The most important thing is that I am not afraid to learn this stuff... never felt stupid. Thank you for the opportunity and for all the work I know you did to get this going Amanda.

Friday, May 25, 2007

MySpace Commentary

MySpace can be what a library wants it to be. Just figure out how it can be used to the benefit of patrons and do it...discuss,design, organize, and monitor it with the library's mission as a guide. There is a lot of hand wringing going on and it does not seem productive. I will not speculate about the reasons for the MySpace anxiety but when I look at the site I see everything and I think , this is a choice and libraries are all about offering choices and staying in touch with what patrons want and or need.

My Favorite LIbrary WIKI...

I explored the different Wiki's listed in this discovery challenge. There is more out there to read than I ever imagined. My knowledge base going into this challenge about wiki web resources was wikipedia. I found out there is much more...

I liked the format and purpose of the "Book Lovers" wiki @ Princeton Public Library. This wiki offers so many opportunities for patrons, and the community to communicate with each other and library staff. I hope that APL will consider this idea as a future project. I think it would be an asset going forward. It might be fun to try this with teens or adults. This is a great way to generate feedback and ownership of the collection (all formats) . I see the drawbacks of a wiki... it will be necessary to have discussion upfront about how to manage them before getting started, then build the wiki structure so that some of the problems will be manageable.

My Thoughts about "Perspectives"

Web 2.0 makes sense...Even a Dinosaur like myself can adapt to the adventure of discovery that is possible with all the new tools our advances in technology afford. The new research tools, mediums, processes... that are here and now arrived a short decade, and they changed the role of information institutions. I see it as a wake up call for all who "shake and shiver" resisting the unavoidable ...resilence in thinking is a necessary first step in order to be part of this wonderful information future. Facing fear without fear of appearing stupid...without criticism will make it possible for us to move forward into this exciting technological era of Web 2.0. Note: It is time consumeing at first but so was learning the old systems.

BeReggie: Tale of Discovery

BeReggie: Tale of Discovery

Tale of Discovery

My Technorati experience has been a Tale of Discover...a learning experience that has allowed me freedom to learn new approaches web blogging.

My Technorati...Learning can be frustrating

I set up my Technorati account...claimed my blog and added my the blog tags that are relevant to my blog and added a Technorati widget. I am working on understanding "pinging." The new vocabulary is out of this world;0)

I have passed the mid-point for this 23 Things learning experience and feel exhausted. Time has run out and there are too many things to do. I will now resort to plan be...a not so interesting learning method but one that will help me finish (I promise myself I will go back and learn the only way I learn) by Doingggggggggg, making mistakes, fearlessly going where I never knew I would adventure.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007 - News - US National Science Foundation (NSF)

NSF is going to let the internet "Geni" out of the bottle...yipee!
Click the link below to read all about it. - News - US National Science Foundation (NSF)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

These bookmarks go with the tag words's a game of sorts figuring out which tag matches the bookmark site...this is so much fun... I just figured out that I can add to My from my Library Thing tag words...:0)

About My bookmarks

You are invited to enjoy these wonderful science websites that I bookmarked on my Del.icio.ou site. This is the most wonderful internet tool...all you need to do is click one of the blue tag will connect to the bookmark located on My click on the actual bookmark and this takes you right to the website...I am going to bookmark everything I like and create a roll of science for future science adventures.
When I first started exploring the features it was not clear to me that this is a fun personal place to keep...share...and borrow interesting bookmarks connected by tag words.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My Fun wth Rollyo Search

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My creation

My creation
Originally uploaded by lovemudge.

It was fun making this trading card...these fish have grown since this picture was taken 3 years ago.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

My Library

I was so challenged getting My Library on my blog. I do not think I have all the nuances of this program down yet because I continue to make so many mistakes and have to delete and fiddle and start all over. I did figure out how to change the element order on my blog and after alot of nail bitting got favorite library books added and linked. This is fun and maddening at the same time.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Tale of Discovery.Play Week Begins Kratts Creatures ... a fun text generator

I have been having some fun with a text generator on Kratts Creatures...see the link at the bottom of this page. There are a bunch of cool text generators and I am sure graphic generators...I created the HotPink Rabbit featured in this MadLib story using a Macromedia program called FreeHand. It worked...I am amazed.This has freed me to create a wonder tale of discovery as a memory of this creativie experience.

My Tale of Discovery...
While in Africa a few years ago searching for the rare hot pink rabbit . Spam Jam , a world-renown wildlife film-maker, came across a great discovery -- the rabbit uses its hippo for laughing mangos ! Capturing this on film was difficult. At first, the rabbit was very chubby . One day, Jam approached the rabbit with some mangos . The rabbit ran away with the mangos in its hippo! " yikes! ! I must get that on film!" cried Jam , who went to get the movie camera from the tent. When Jam returned, the rabbit had stubbed the mangos ! Before Jam had a chance to film anything, this creature had used its hippo to laugh the mangos straight into the lens of the camera! Creatures do the most singing things! It's a good thing Spam Jam kept trying -- now the world can see it for themselves!

Bubble Share Album

This album is powered by BubbleShare - Add to my blog

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Time to Learn RSS

This one has been hard for me. I still do not think I understand feeds and how they work. I keep wanting to think of them as links... I did set up an account on bloglines and selected some areas of interest...I think that I will receive some regular information updates in the information areas I selected. If anyone can clarify this concept for me in different language I am open to learning .

Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy St. Patricks Day ...stay green all day!

Have a wonderful Green Day everyone...the "Sky is so Blue...the Sun is so Yellow"...trees are growin' green leaves ... the weekends lookin' swello.
Thank you all for your gracious comments. I have enjoyed reading the blogs and learning from everyone in this 2.0 group.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Flickr Fun …
I recently visited the Flickr home page. I did register and established an account. I want to set-up a private photo group and invite all the “Dog People” I know to join and share their photos, stories, and brainstorm ways to serve organizations like the SPCA. If you are a dog person and want to join, you will be welcome. The guidelines will be simple… take pictures; share them and your stories. After the group is established, we can make a Doggie poster and sell it to help support the SPCA and our dog friends. All ideas are welcome. The most important thing is to enjoy sharing pictures and the wonderful relationships we have with our dog friends.

This is one of my favorite family dog pictures. Her name is Lobo, named after one of the University of New Mexico mascots, “Louisa Lobo”. She is a registered, 10 year old yellow retriever. She loves to play ball, boss cows and horses, and is a dear gentle friend.

Summer 2007 space camp is all about going back to the Moon. Kids attending the June camps will form small teams of 6 with two teen volunteer facilitators. Kids will have the opportunity to build a model of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) that NASA will will launch in 2008. After the building is done they will move to Mission Control located in the library computer lab. Each team will have access to actual lunar data of 4 potential lunar (base/colony) sites. Kids will access the information from a local Mission Moon web site. The mission is for each team to evalute the lunar data and recommend to NASA scientists one site that they want the LRO to visit and acquire more data during the 2008 mission.

Friday, March 9, 2007

My Biggest Obstacle to Learning...

It is as Dr. Ginott says ... fear of so much. When I am not afraid I can create, have fun and somehow learn stuff without knowing it is happening...