Saturday, April 7, 2007

Tale of Discovery.Play Week Begins Kratts Creatures ... a fun text generator

I have been having some fun with a text generator on Kratts Creatures...see the link at the bottom of this page. There are a bunch of cool text generators and I am sure graphic generators...I created the HotPink Rabbit featured in this MadLib story using a Macromedia program called FreeHand. It worked...I am amazed.This has freed me to create a wonder tale of discovery as a memory of this creativie experience.

My Tale of Discovery...
While in Africa a few years ago searching for the rare hot pink rabbit . Spam Jam , a world-renown wildlife film-maker, came across a great discovery -- the rabbit uses its hippo for laughing mangos ! Capturing this on film was difficult. At first, the rabbit was very chubby . One day, Jam approached the rabbit with some mangos . The rabbit ran away with the mangos in its hippo! " yikes! ! I must get that on film!" cried Jam , who went to get the movie camera from the tent. When Jam returned, the rabbit had stubbed the mangos ! Before Jam had a chance to film anything, this creature had used its hippo to laugh the mangos straight into the lens of the camera! Creatures do the most singing things! It's a good thing Spam Jam kept trying -- now the world can see it for themselves!